There was once an old emperor who lived in an enormous, golden palace in the middle of the city Ping Chong. He had three beautiful daughters, but unfortunately no sons.

He wanted his beautiful daughters to marry with rich and powerful princes before he died. He found three handsome princes in Pang Ching a small and pretty city near to Ping Chong. However, his daughters didn’t like them because the princes was unhelpful and unkind with everybody, so they refused to marry the princes, then the emperor became very angry.

He said they must get married when they were sixteen years old, if it wasn’t possible would have to leave the palace. The girls were frightened but they decided ran away during a cold and lonely night and found work on a small a beautiful farm.

They fell in love with the farmer’s sons while they were working there, because they realised the farmers were helpful and kindness with everybody, so they married the sons as son as they were sixteen and they lived happily ever after.


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